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Job Stream is a hands-free lead generation service for freelancers and consultants.

We search 300+ freelance sources and hand-pick the best opportunities for our Job Stream subscribers.


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Where Is Your Next Client Coming From?


The most frequent complaint we hear is:


“I’ve got nothing on my calendar for the next week. Where can I go to find work?”


It’s a terrible situation to be in, especially because it is 100% avoidable.


Most freelancers accept the “feast or famine” cycle as a fact of life, but it doesn’t have to be.


All you have to do is make time for a little bit of selling every day - even when you are booked solid!


That way you always have something in the pipeline when a project wraps up or a client unexpectedly cuts ties.


Doing prospecting the right way looks something like this:

  • Identify your most lucrative lead sources
  • Check in with them weekly (if not daily)
  • Pick out the most attractive opportunities
  • Research the company, project and point of contact
  • Put together a compelling pitch or proposal
  • Follow up until you get a response


How much time do you think that takes?


2 hours? 5 hours? 10 hours?


Every week...nonstop.


Not many people can accomodate that, fulfill their client obligations, and still check all the boxes required of a "small business CEO."


And if you cut corners or ignore it altogether, you'll find yourself smack dab in the middle of a freelancing famine.


That's why we built something that will cut that time in half - or less!



Put Your Lead Generation on Autopilot

There are literally hundreds of freelancing job sites out there...and we created a scalable process for pulling out the most attractive freelance or contract opportunities.

In other words, we do all of the hunting and gathering for you.

We also make it easy for you to quickly filter the database and find your best fit projects.

All of this means you spend less time finding opportunities, and more time closing them.

It also means you can do a little bit of sales each day, so you always have something in your pipeline that is about to close.

And THAT is the recipe for a thriving, sustainable freelance business.


Here's how it works:

  1. Every week, we add several dozen new opportunities to the stream.
  2. You use our filters to quickly uncover the ones that best meet your needs and interests.
  3. You send them your pitch and walk through your normal sales process.


It's that simple.


Cut your prospecting time by 50-80% so you can spend more time doing the work you love.



Here's Why It's A Smart Business Decision


Let’s say you charge just $10/hour for your work.

You only have to save five hours of your time for this to be a net-positive investment.

And the numbers get even more attractive if you charge $20/hr, $50/hr, or more.

And what happens when you land a client on retainer?

Or a project that leads into a larger, more lucrative opportunity?

Or a client that refers you to someone else?

I’ll tell you what happens…

Your profitability sky-rockets and you leave the “feast or famine” cycle behind for good.

So, if you’re sick of suffering through dry spells…

If you’re tired of giving up nights and weekends to prospect without sacrificing billable time…

If you’re excited about the idea of having attractive leads waiting in your inbox each morning…


Let's get to work!

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Yes, Add Automation Academy

Double your productivity (and your income) by automating low value business tasks.

In this course, we'll teach you how to affordably hire a robot to take care of things like scheduling, chasing down invoices, and even job hunting!

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